Blood work next week

Things have been getting easier, and that might be because I’ve been avoiding coming here and reading everyone’s blogs and well as anything pregnancy related. I feel sad now that I’m back here reading your blogs. Ugh, lame. My friend passed away last week and that’s been on my mind a lot. He was so so young, just 35. I wasn’t able to attend his funeral because of my work and that still has me so upset. I did go to his wake. We worked together and my previous job and all of us photographers were in an office that was literally two closets combined. We are like a family, and one of us is gone. It sucks. Real bad.

Next week I’m having blood work to see if my pregnancy hormones are gone. I’ve decided not to take a break as long as it’s physically okay for me. I’ve got 5 weddings booked for next year, one pending, and a wedding show in November and January, so likely more bookings- which is great! But waiting for wedding season to be over will just be a cycle. My best business friend said it might not work again, and if it does, I have 9 months to plan for any of the weddings should they happen to fall in line where I couldn’t shoot them. I feel bad, anytime I book a client I am invested in them and want to shoot their wedding, but she’s right. I can’t put my life on hold. So that’s what’s going on now.

I love wedding photography

I’m so excited to be photographing a wedding today, to be throwing myself into the day and creating beautiful images for the couple to enjoy for the rest of their lives, and maybe pass down in their family should they choose/are able to have children. I’m so grateful to have this wonderful wedding to photograph today, especially since it’s two of my good friends. At the reception I get to be a guest and my second shooter takes over. Best part of all? No kids in attendance.

Tomorrow’s wedding will be great as well.

At first I was scared I had these things to do but I think it’s best I get to do what I love and not sit home and mope all weekend. Last night I had my tripod out outside at 2 am and was photographing the moon. I forgot all about our loss for a while.

Tomorrow morning I’ll have some blood work and see what’s going on with that. I’ve had some cramping and pulling here and there, and I woke up nauseous but it’s gone now. It’s weird feeling pregnant when you know you aren’t anymore.

Happy Friday!