Cramping and insurance stress

I’ve had light cramping yesterday morning and this morning. It feels like my period coming on, but I hope it’s just my embryos getting cozy in my lining. Last night I felt so so sick. I had a boudoir shoot and my studio was very hot, as well as a client meeting out in the heat. I came home and went to bed very early in my air conditioned room. Feeling a little better this morning, just exhausted and crampy.

My insurance is being a pain. When we showed up for the transfer they said I had a balance, which makes no sense as my cycles are covered for now. I gotta call and straighten that out. Also, my insurance only approves my estrace up to once a day and I am taking it 5 times a day, so I was on the phone with Freedom Fertility and my care teams trying to sort that out. We ended up paying out of pocket for 65 pills, but luckily it was only $61.00-as opposed to the $3.47 I normally pay.

My hips are very sore from the progesterone injections. Tonight I am shooting until 8 pm, then I have at least an hour ride home. I’m wondering if the other photographer will inject me, but I can’t be sure. I might need to do it in the mirror :X or just wait until I get home.I have acupuncture again on Tuesday, as that is around the time implantation happens.

Well, I need to go get ready for today’s wedding. I’m going to bring double the amount of water I normally bring. The doctors said this was all fine but I’m a little nervous I’m doing too much- tomorrow I am doing NOTHING!