Beta #3= 689

I had my third beta today. My results were 689. I have a 4th blood draw (are they called betas still after number 3?) on Friday. I’m a little nervous as most people seem to only have 3 and then they are on to ultrasound scheduling but I also read that you have to have an HCG level of 1000 for that.

My pain is gone today, thankfully, and I’m hoping it was just indigestion. I do feel weird, however. I feel like I can’t breathe, but I can breathe fine.. and my limbs feel weird. It must be anxiety. I’ve had anxiety my whole life, you’d think I’d recognize it by now. I used to have very severe attacks. One of my co workers pointed out that pregnancy hormones do crazy things, so that could be it. I also had to take progesterone in oil last night because I didn’t have the special compound (ethyl oleate) that I’ve been using, so it could be that, too. I feel like crying, I feel like sleeping, and I’m dizzy and just feel WEIRD.

I posted to one of my IVF support groups about my number and one woman so far said my number sound great, generally they just want to be safe. So… I’m going to try and relax. I’m still pregnant, and according to the beta calculator my numbers are rising every 2.27 days- which is good! (you want to see between 2 and 3 ideally)

So I guess that’s that for now!

Beta #1- 64
Beta #2-111
Beta #3- 689

5 weeks, 2 days pregnant

10 hours of sleep

I went to bed at 9 pm last night, resulting in 10 glorious hours of sleep. I’m just trying to listen to my body and do what it wants me to do. Honestly I could have slept longer. My nausea has calmed down quite a bit, but I find myself still very tired. Cramping on and off, and sometimes when I twist I get sharp pulling pains. I’m just hoping that everything is progressing as it should! Trying not to let pregnancy psychosis take over. It’s hard, with all the terrifying things you read.

This weekend I’m going to my friend Adrianne’s bachelorette party. I hope I’m not too much of a party pooper, I might need naps and I might need to go to bed earlier then everyone. We shall see!

Yesterday I talked to my insurance company about the balance I have at the fertility center. Apparently I have surgical copays no one told me about. Cool. It’s better than paying thousands! She also told me that while my current IVF authorization ends in October, if it’s renewed by the doctor and 4 cycles doesn’t do it, I have an additional two cycles. What? No one told me this, either. So instead of 4 cycles I have 6 cycles approved lifetime. That’s awesome! I hope that this current pregnancy goes to term, and I can use the other cycles in the future should I need them.

So yea, that’s it. Trying to stay calm and trust that this pregnancy will go to full term and result in the baby we’ve been trying for for years.

Come on poppy seed! ❤

1st trimester-
4 weeks, 5 days pregnant
Third beta this Wednesday!

“Your baby is developing its primitive heart tube, which will form its heart soon”
(from the Ovia pregnancy app)

Beta #2, a success!

Beta number 2 was 111, “a nice rise” they say. It’s hard not to compare my betas to others, but I have to remember we are all different, and the fact that I am indeed pregnant. I’m scared something is going to take it away from me. Next beta is next Wednesday the 15th. According to my new Ovia pregnancy app, Baby C is the size of a poppy seed.

Oh! I also found this very comforting and informative-

Beta #1- 64
Beta #2-111

Beta #2 drawn, waiting…

So my second beta was this morning. I need to stop googling but I can’t help it. I’ve transitioned into pregnancy psychosis. I was so tired yesterday I left work at 3:40 when all the patients were gone and flopped into my bed at 4pm, waking up at 7pm. This morning I woke up and felt better than I have in a while, which made me nervous. When I feel sick I know I’m pregnant, and when I feel normal I start to worry my numbers are declining. I don’t think the worrying ever stops. So many posts on blogs and the support groups on FB about how women’s numbers have gone down and they lost their pregnancy. I’m hoping that my numbers are steadily rising. I’m looking forward to those results… I hope they don’t keep me waiting!

1st beta – 64
2nd beta- ???