“Cycle 4” underway

I just got the call from my fertility center- my insurance approved my FET and I was told to stop my BCP today. I should be getting a period in 3-5 days, and then I’ll be starting the whole process again. I asked for a timeline for transfer because my co worker will be on vacation until the 27th of July, and she put my estimated transfer around then (27th-29th).  So! She made a note of that and hopefully it will be fine. I’m hoping this is the stars aligning for a SUCCESSFUL and FULL TERM pregnancy. So my beta will be the second week of August, which is the week before my vacation. Here’s to hoping!

That’s it for now. I hope I’m making the right decision.

Scared but ramping up my optimism. COME. ON!

Pregnancy loss follow up, looking to cycle 4

I had a follow up with Dr. Plante today. While we can’t prove it, she is leaning toward my early pregnancy loss being a tubal one, from the intense pain I was having on my one side. She thinks the embryo was pushed out of my tube before we did that ultrasound which is why we didn’t see anything, but of course we can never prove it. So we’re just calling it an early pregnancy loss. I only have one cycle left before she has to reapply for me to get two additional cycles, which will be it for me- at least on my insurance, so we are going to do another fresh cycle. My 3 remaining frosties are a B and two C-. My insurance counts FETs as cycles so it’s like I’m getting an “extra” transfer with the fresh, unless I overstimulate like my first cycle, as well as more frosties in case my remaining 3 cycles don’t work. So! They’re sending in the paperwork and off I go in the next few weeks for cycle 4, my 3rd full IVF cycle.

The good news is I was able to get pregnant, and that if I did have a tube pregnancy, it situated itself before it got scary. Also another good thing is I got a lot of good quality eggs with my last fresh cycle’s protocol, so as long as I do the same thing again, I feel like we should be good. I hope! My optimism is dwindled and muted, but I’m trying to trudge on. Adam asked me how I felt about it after I asked HIM, because “it’s your body getting fucked with, not mine.” I told him I’ll do what I have to do, and he called me his Xena.

I guess warrior princesses don’t always feel as such.

A sense of normalcy returning..

Well, it will be a week tomorrow since we found out about our pregnancy loss. I’m starting to feel a little more “normal.” I felt the fog lifting a bit yesterday. I’m still hurting but it’s not all encompassing. I’m stressed out about other things in my life- my business, work, and money. I feel spread so thin, so I’m sure losing our pregnancy did not help these things.

I started birth control pills yesterday in preparation for whatever is next. I could have waited until my meeting with Dr. P but what waste half a week?

Things are stressful right now but at least I can get out of bed and face the day without the heavy sorrow I was experiencing. That’s it for now.

Also, thanks for everyone’s concern and comments. So very much appreciated.

BCP, seeya later.

Took my last birth control pill this morning. I’ve been getting cramps for a few days now so I hope my period will come swiftly! I’m ready to get going on my next steps. So much baby activity happening on my newsfeed. It makes me so sad. I’m happy for them, but .. well you know. It hurts. I want to be there. Sigh. Not much is going on so I’m not posting much. That’s it for now. More waiting.

BC Stop date and insurance annoyance

Well, today my insurance approved my FET, and they are counting it as cycle 3. I was approved for 4 cycles of IVF through my insurance in a lifetime, so needless to say I am nervous.

When I met with Dr. Plante, we discussed how my insurance may or may not count things. Some insurance companies count FETs as part of the cycle the embryos were frozen in. Unfortunately for me, mine does not. If this FET, my cycle 3, does not work then for my fourth and final covered cycle, Dr. Plante suggestd doing the whole shebang over again- even though I have 5 frosties in storage. She said it would be more cost effective for us to do another full cycle covered under insurance so we can have even more frosties in storage, as FETs are less expensive than the whole thing. WHEW.

They’re also only covering half of the Estrace dosage I need daily, and not covering the new PIO injectables I’m taking. Luckily I can cover those but I’m a little frustrated. I had an allergic reaction to the sesame oil in the first PIO shots, so this time I’m getting the progesterone compounded in a different way.

Although I’m grateful I get 4 cycles covered, I’m nervous we will start having to pay out of pocket and this process will slowwwww down even more. Each FET is a few thousand dollars. So that’s weighing on me at the moment.

My stop date for my BCP is May 1st, which is next Sunday. Once I stop taking my BCP I will get another period, and with the first day of my period I am to call my care team.

So we’re trucking on! Fingers and toes crossed this “cycle” works!