I’m a 30 year old lady who successfully got pregnant after several cycles of IVF! If you’re interested in our adventures in IVF, hormones, embryos, and things of that nature, well I guess you are in the right place!

Blocked tubes, PCOS, no ovulation, low sperm count, and mutant sperm are our lovely fertility issues.

First IVF cycle– no embryos survived.

Second IVF cycle – one failed fresh transfer, one frozen transfer resulting in a positive that resulted in a pregnancy loss 10 days later. Suspected ectopic pregnancy.

Second FET resulted in a positive which then resulted in miscarriage. The heart beat was low and slow and the baby measured several days behind at our first ultrasound. A couple weeks later the strong heart beat that had emerged but the little to no growth was the final straw. I had a D&C at 9 weeks and the results of testing the pregnancy tissue was that our baby was a girl and there was nothing chromosonally wrong with her.

Third IVF cycle– 6 remaining embryos on ice,  FET was on May 8th, 2017.

1st BETA= 395

2nd BETA= 657

3rd BETA= 8000

I developed gestational diabetes close to my third trimester that is controlled by diet, and I developed pre-eclampsia in my third trimester at 34 weeks. At 35 weeks I was admitted to the hospital where I will be residing until I am induced at 37 weeks, which is January 3rd. My original due date was January 24th.


My name is Katlyn and I’m a photographer living in Massachusetts with my wonderful husband Adam, and our crazy middle aged siberian husky, Cal.

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