FET under way!

Welllll, today I had blood work and ultrasound and I just got my orders to start popping pills… in my vagina. Smurf vagina here I come! Twice daily. I will have my next set of blood work and ultrasound on 6/19. I should probably start going back to acupuncture, right? Honestly, I thought this was going to be a lot easier the second time around, but I find myself so much more impatient. I know the IVF game is a lot of waiting but UGH. Honestly I’ve had to push my fertility center along quite a bit- they don’t seem as zippy as they were last time. Hm.

In other news.. Hawk is doing so well! He is going to be a year and a half on July 4th. I can’t believe how fast the time flies! We just took him to his first aquarium trip on Sunday and we all had a good time 🙂 He’s also still in swimming classes and we did two different gymnastic class trials. The first one was a little too directed for him- he is still a little guy, after all! So we tried another one and it was MUCH better. He had so much fun.. so I signed him up for that class. He’s becoming very independent. He’s very inquisitive and smart. He thinks mischief is funny- and he’s a funny little guy. He loves to make everyone laugh, but especially Momma and Daddy. He’s saying random words lately including “Go” “going” “shoe” “Hi” “yeah” “Mama” “Dada” “Adam” (haaahaha) and he’s said Grandma and Meme twice each. He loves to run around and get into ‘trouble.’ He LOVES other children and wants to hug and kiss any other kid he sees. I think after some initial jealousy he is going to be an AWESOME big brother. He loves his cartoons- Word Party is his favorite. His Meme lets him watch a little too much TV, so I try to counterbalance that at home. His favorite things to play with are bottles – like soda bottles and single serving milk bottles. He loves to climb and is rocking climbing stairs. He’s a much better sleeper these days- thank the stars for sleep training!

I guess that’s it for now. 🙂


Edit- I forgot to even mention! I had polyps again- so I had to have another procedure to remove those suckers. Last time we did that it resulted in Hawk so.. I hope my uterus is nice and prepped for it’s next (and probably final) occupant!

3 thoughts on “FET under way!

    • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

      Testing testing testing! Then the polyp removal. Then waiting for the F/U. Then insurance took like THREE FUCKIN’ WEEKS! I feel like I’ve had to keep nudging them this time around, where as last time was a whirlwind. Did you get that vibe at all? Either way, thank you ❤


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