Hawk is 1! IVF Baby Number 2 Consultation! Confused Uterus!

49294874_587569411183_4417874090187030528_oWell, my little man turned one year old on January 4th! I can hardly believe it. We bought a home and moved in in late November, and it’s wonderful to have our own place. We also have a lot more room for Hawk to gain his walking legs. He’s been walking with a walker toy no problem- and dancing, too! He can stand by himself and take a few steps, but no walking just yet. We just started sleep training him a few days ago. He was having to be rocked to sleep every night and his eyes would pop open once we set him down in the crib so we’d start the process all over again. He’d also wake up around 2-3 in the morning and I’d carry him to our bed, but then he was starting to wake us up between 4 and 6 am. It was time. The first night he cried for 46 minutes straight, with three checks ins. Second night, 43 minutes, third night 22 minutes, and last night 16 minutes! Suffice to say it’s working. 🙂 I refused for a long time because it was hard to hear him like that but our pedi said it would only get worse… I’m glad we’ve done it! We’ve also weaned him off formula and his bottle and he’s taken to it quite well. My little man is growing up!


We also had our first meeting back with Dr. P about baby number two just yesterday. We brought Hawk along to meet her and of course she loved him- who doesn’t! She said “You and I go way back.” to him, which made me laugh. We’re going to do baseline testing- I’m going to have a 3D ultrasound (which they weren’t doing at the practice in 2016), a sono HSG, a recurrent loss blood test (on account of my two losses) and the regular day 3 rig a maroll. I can’t start anything yet though- BECAUSE I’VE BEEN BLEEDING FOR A MONTH STRAIGHT! I passed a freaky clot that looked like a tiny LEG, but it was a decedual cast. Today I had an internal ultrasound with my OBGYN and my lining is 1.12 cm- so no wonder I have all these clots coming out! She’s put me on Provera, which I will stop taking Friday, and hopefully all of that gunk will finally come out- in a few days, not a month plus. It’s like I’m giving birth to these HUGE clots. At least I feel a bit better now that I know what’s going on.

So that’s that! Once my uterus is sorted and I get a normal (for me, anyway) period,  we can start testing and get on to the frozen transfer. We have six embryos on ice. We only need one!


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