10 months

I haven’t updated in a while. I feel like that’s how every journal entry starts now.

Hawk is 10 months old and he is such a cool dude. He has eight teeth, he crawls VERY fast and is chomping at the bit to walk. He pulls himself up on anything, and he says Da-da, yeah, and is just recently making a lot of OOOO sounds and faces. He said whoa once, in the correct context. For Halloween he was an Ewok and was super adorable.

Feeding– He officially weened off the breast at 9 months. I couldn’t handle the biting anymore, and I do NOT miss pumping at work, or in general. I don’t miss leaky boobs or the pain either. It was emotional but I got over it reeeeeally quickly. I am proud we made it as far as we did. He transitioned beautifully as he was having the bottle during the day with my mom, anyway. We are feeding him more food now a days, he’s a bit picky but starting to get the hang of it.

Sleeping– He JUST dropped his night feed in the last week, which I loveeee. Last night he slept the entire night in his crib without any wake ups. He seems to sleep better when we don’t put the Owlet foot monitor on him.. I’m warming up to the idea of ditching it all together but the comfort it brings you is addicting. If he does wake up now, it’s usually around 4 am and I bring him into the bed with us. Only if we are both in bed, as he would most certainly roll or crawl off if we are both not in bed. He takes very short naps during the day.

Mom, aka ME–  I’m very busy, but fine. I’m going to make time for my work outs soon as wedding season is officially over and…

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! We are closing in a few weeks… 🙂

Marriage-  Doing great 🙂

Photography biz–  Wrapping up this season… editing and album design when I can!


That’s it for now.. heavy talks about our next (and last) baby. We probably want to start trying in February. Holy moly!

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