Just about 8 months…

I haven’t updated in forever! Hawk is rounding on 8 months in a few days- I can’t believe it!

Feeding– He’s eating solids twice a day now. I had him try watermelon almost a month ago and he made a little gagging noise and it FREAKED Adam out so we (he) decided we should wait another month to do food like that as opposed to the jars- even though I told him it was normal! Still, he was very nervous so it was the right decision.

I’ve been still breastfeeding but last night I decided I am done. Hawk has been biting me quite hard and with two more teeth on their way I just CAN’T do it anymore. He smirks when I tell him no. SO last night I tried to quit cold turkey- that did NOT work. So we are doing a slow wean. My boobs are SO sore and painful. I stopped pumping last week. My goal was a year but I just can’t anymore. I had a very emotional reaction to breaking this but mom friends tell me that’s get better. I also feel like a failure not making it to my goal of a year, even though I know I’m not. He’s a very healthy boy and fed is best!

Sleeping– Depends on the night. Last night was AWFUL and the night before was great. Still needs a lot of snuggles… I tried to do sleep training and I just couldn’t bear him crying so hard. So.. we’ll see. This is in flux.

Mom, aka ME–  I chopped all my hair off which felt great. I stopped on my diet and yoga because life got real busy. I can feel it in my bones. My goal is to start up again. I’ve gained 3 pounds back but I’m still under the weight I was when I got pregnant so…

Marriage-  It’s fine! Lately we have been apart more often than not.. but that happens during wedding season. Miss my hubs ❤

Photography biz–  BUSY.


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