In the hospital for the remainder.

Well, I’m back in the hospital as of Wednesday.

Monday night we had our last birth class and when I got home my blood pressure was 163/98. Eep! I put my feet up immediately and it started coming down. Tuesday I don’t even remember but it was a lot of napping and laying around. Wednesday I had a growth scan and an appointment with my OB. I felt like garbage that day! My BP was 168/102, so they made the decision to send me to the hospital, where I have been ever since. I have my own private room and I’m just gestating, eating, sleeping, and watching a lot of daytime TV. It could be much worse- I’ve heard about some other patients struggles with hanging out before labor for long periods of time- so I’m okay. It is what it is. I’m in the best place I can be for myself and for Hawk. I’m monitored regularly. My next ultrasound and round of blood work is on Tuesday- until then they just take my BP, do a non stress on Hawk every day, and watch my sugar levels which are great. As long as my BP doesn’t get any higher than it has (which would be severe levels), and my labs stay good, I’m starting to feel confident we will make it to 37 weeks. If he’s born before 36 weeks he will guaranteed go to the NICU. I don’t want that!! I’m looking forward to meeting him but I’m still scared of birth. I go from being calm about it to petrified. Two nights ago I was having regular braxton hicks contractions that were a new level for me- they didn’t hurt but they made me feel VERY uncomfortable and I had to breath through them. Adam was dancing around because he thought Hawk was on his way and he was excited to meet him. It was adorable. Adam has been amazing through this whole thing and I am SO thankful that he’s my husband. I miss my dog so much! That’s about it. Reporting live from the hospital bed… 😉

2 thoughts on “In the hospital for the remainder.

  1. AKL says:

    Oh you poor thing! That sounds miserable! I hope baby Hawk is enjoying himself in there for now and will make an appearance not too soon. Until then just kick back and watch lots of Christmas movies! 😘😘

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