Almost 31 weeks

I AM SO TIRED. This is my life now, I’m aware. If I could stop working until Hawk’s arrival I friggin would, holy shnikes. Back are the mood swings- BAD ONES- and the exhaustion. I just want to hermit in my house and rest.

Since I last posted I have been diagnosed with the fetus beetus. YEP. I have gestational diabetes. I’ve been tracking my blood sugar for the last week, and I have a follow up with the nutritionist and a meeting with an endocrinologist as well tomorrow. My blood sugar levels have been fine for the most part- so I’m hoping they will let me continue to control my blood sugar with diet as opposed to going on insulin. Happily it’s just for another 9 weeks but drawing your blood 4 times a day is a pain in the ass, I must admit.


Me at the wedding expo this weekend- 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant


I finished shooting all my sessions this past weekend and I had a wedding expo yesterday. Let me tell you- this could not have happened any later. I’ve started having immense pain in my pubic bone area when on my feet for too long- which my doc says is normal- and I am finding I cannot go go go like I used to be able to. I still have a bit of editing to do, some albums to design, and some clients to meet- but boy am I HAPPY to not have to shoot any longer. This momma is done!

My co worker’s threw a baby shower for me a couple weeks ago. It was 12:15 pm and I was starving and they said I couldn’t go to lunch yet as I had a patient coming for imaging. I WAS PISSED. Then I was led into the conference room where the shower was being held. I was surprised, YUP. Also sheepish at my bad mood prior, but everyone understood- or at least pretended to. 😉


Work shower gifts


This weekend I have a baby shower to attend, and after that (and before that, on Friday night) Adam and I are going to clean out and rearrange the rooms upstairs and get Hawk’s nursery ready- as well as our room. We have a bedside bassinet that we got so I’d like to get that set up.

Two weekends ago we got rid of three couches and bought a used one- so we have much more room in our living room now. We will be putting a pack N’ play in there that has a changing station and a napping station that grows with the little guy. Our glider and ottoman are now in the living room as well. Half my kitchen is baby stuff, and most of our baby shower presents are at my parent’s house. I’m looking forward to when this is all done- I can’t believe we are in single digits for Hawk’s arrival! It’s surreal.

I’ve started reading “The Big Book of Birth” in preparation, and our classes start next week.



Adam and our dog Cal snuggling on our “new” couch. They have a special bond 😉


Adam putting together the glider


Me in the bathroom at my last wedding of 2017 and before Hawk’s arrival! Also, it was my 30th birthday.