I am doing too much, but I can’t stop.

I am so tired. I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m also working too much. Wedding season is in full swing. I had two weddings this past weekend. I took yesterday off and it was glorious. My house is a mess and I have no energy left over to clean it. 9 weddings left to shoot. Right now I’m in the midst of editing half a wedding (the other half being done), a 50th anniversary party, an engagement session, and this past weekend’s two weddings. This coming weekend I have a “reprieve” of only one session- a maternity/family session- and an album design meeting with clients I shot a wedding for last month. I need to design an album, get another approved and sent to order, and I’m keeping up with incoming inquiries. On top of that, I have my day job.

I. am. so. tired. There is no time for a break. I need a vacation.

In health news, this friggin cough will not go away. It’s going on three weeks now. Sneezing and drippy nose continues, but not as bad. Heartburn is sticking around.

In pregnancy news, I think I would feel much better if I weren’t working so hard. I have some small pimples on my chest and apparently MY BUTT. ?!?! haha.

19 weeks tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “I am doing too much, but I can’t stop.

  1. AKL says:

    Lovely, you know you need to ease off a bit somehow!! As for the pimples, I had them too. Hellooooo hormones! And I had a runny nose for the entirety of my pregnancy. It stopped immediately after delivery!! xx

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