17 weeks 5 days

Whew. Close to my 18th week of pregnancy! I was sick with a terrible cold from last Sunday until now.. where I’m starting to get better. Still blowing my nose and coughing but I feel sooo much better. Human, again. One of those days last week I vomited so violently that I peed myself a little and almost got a Charlie horse in my leg. Not sure if it was from pregnancy or from swallowing mucus, or what but DAMN. It was awful.

I had two weddings last weekend, one here in Massachusetts that I worked until 10:30 at night, then immediately drove two hours to Vermont, where the second wedding was. I ended up getting myself a deep tissue massage the morning of the wedding- I was in so much pain I couldn’t sleep very well the night before. That helped a lot! She worked out a lot of knots.

I would report on my energy levels but they’ve been so low because of illness I can’t report any differences just yet. I have stopped gaining weight and actually lost a couple pounds… Since I’ve been sick I haven’t had as strong an appetite. I also have been having an uptick of IBS attacks, sooo I’m sure that doesn’t help.  I’m keeping an eye on it, for sure.

At my 16 week check up I had high blood pressure. I’ve been keeping an eye on that at work. She mentioned that I hadn’t gained any weight but said not to worry just yet. It’s hard to know where or not it’s okay since I started out with some extra pounds…

Saturday Adam and I went to Babies R Us and went a little nutty on our registry. My mom and dad bought our crib, my aunt bought the bureau and changing table, and my other aunt bought us a stroller/car seat combo and an additional car seat. I need some time to clean out Hawk’s nursery- right now it’s Adam’s recording studio/music room. The room he’s moving all of that into is very small and full of clutter!

We met with a birth photographer on Saturday- who was a sweetheart- but I didn’t feel the click that you want to have with someone photographing such an intimate moment. The search continues!


(here’s a stock photo of Hawk’s crib and bureau/changing table!)

8 thoughts on “17 weeks 5 days

  1. AKL says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly. Being sick when pregnant really sucks! The weight thing is ok as long as it’s temporary. Just try and eat well now and I’m sure all will be ok. Great choices on the baby furniture!!

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  2. unplannedinfertility says:

    Ugh, I can totally relate to peeing while vomiting if you recall. Hahahaha.
    Please let me know how you pick and how you like doing birthing photos. Since we did newborn pics for Clementine, I was thinking the next time around, to have something different, maybe doing that. Although I don’t know that I could. And I’m not sure if it would be allowed, if I have to do a C-section again… But it’s something I think about, so let me know!

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    • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

      Ugh- so weird! I was like “wtf is that?!” LOL

      I’ve shot birth photography before, and as the photographer- it is easily one of my most favorite types of sessions to photograph. I cry when the babies come, LOL. Luckily no one is paying any attention to me. Ever since my first birth session I KNEW I had to have those photos when I had my own child. I take notes throughout the experience so the parents can have these little tidbits from that time. It just fills my heart with joy!

      As for picking a photography, it’s a little trickier for me because I don’t let things fly that I would handle myself if I were the photographer. For example, one photographer I chatted with said she’d send me some more info about the packages after a certain time period. She never did, so I never followed up with her. Two other photographers took a SUPER long time to get back to my initial response. In my own business the latest I’ll respond to an inquiry is 24 hours, but usually I get back to prospective clients within an hour if I can. Finally, the one I met with, while she was great with communicating, didn’t run her meeting with us very well, seemed inexperienced. I also didn’t like how the layout of the album that’s included was.

      Here are the photographers I’m going to be meeting with in November- https://www.loveandperry.com/boston-homebirth-leo-jack/


      So far they have been prompt in their responses to my inquiry, and their work is just absolutely stunning. I have full confidence we’ll hire them. We will most likely be doing our maternity session in December- I’m hoping for snow! 😛

      Sorry for the book! Lol. Let me know if you ever have any photographer questions!!

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      • unplannedinfertility says:

        Oh yeah, I can totally see that you’d be pretty picky when it comes to photography. You don’t want to look back and feel like you could’ve done it better (even though you can’t take your own pictures haha) or you would’ve handled things differently.

        I’ll have to stalk your sites. I knew you did weddings but I didn’t realize you did birth too.

        The one you’re looking at looks great. Are you planning on a home birth like that one?

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      • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

        It won’t let me reply to your latest comment so I’m replying to this one!

        I told my husband I wish I could hire myself- LOL. Not to sound big headed, I just like my style and demeanor with clients, so if I could clone myself for the event i totally would 😉

        I do birth, family portraiture, boudoir, and weddings. Weddings are my bread and butter! It’s hard to do a lot of birth because it isn’t a huge thing in Massachusetts yet but I’d love to do more 🙂

        I am not planning a home birth.. I’m nervous and want to be in the hospital setting. Plus Adam might be passing out at some point so it’s probably for the best we don’t do it here.. plus we don’t have a ton of space!


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