15 Weeks tomorrow

It’s been a week. Overwhelming, personally and at work. I trudge on.

I’m getting tired again.. I think it must be a mental thing as opposed to a pregnancy thing. Or maybe a little of both. Who knows.

My left boob has been burning for several days now off and on. My nipples are hard a lot more often then they’ve ever been and they are SORE. This morning my towel brushed them and I almost yelped. No weight gain since my last check up if the scale at work is correct. I’ve been having frequent headaches. Hormones are a little whacky but with several things going on that’s to be expected. I woke up like ten times last night from heartburn, as well as night sweats. Could explain being exhausted I suppose.

Sunday afternoon I got all stressed and ended up a crying mess on my couch. Adam, our dog Cal, and I went on a walk in a local park a little bit after. The exercise and the serene forest really helped.

I’m so tired, I want to hermit, and I have no patience for anyone right now. So that’s what’s going on, lol.

2 thoughts on “15 Weeks tomorrow

  1. unplannedinfertility says:

    There were times my nipples were SO SORE. It goes away though. I’ve been lucky with not having them be sore after having her. I’m glad because boy did they hurt during pregnancy. Hope you’re doing ok otherwise. The hormones can’t be helping with that you’re dealing with. ❤️

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    • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

      Good to hear! Lol The hormones sure aren’t helping matters but we trudge on! I booked an extra ultrasound at a boutique on Saturday so that’s lifting my spirits.. adam hasn’t seen little one move and groove yet! Can’t wait 😍 how’s your girl, how are you?


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