SO TIRED.. AGAIN. 11 weeks.

The last few days have been the most exhausting. I called out of work on Monday as I could NOT get out of bed without feeling like the crypt keeper. I looked like him, too. Yesterday I slept in until 1:15.. we ended up going to my parent’s house for a few hours which was great, then I went to bed at 7, slept until almost 10? Then went back to bed at 1:30ish. My sleep schedule is all weird. The morning I called out my app said “Your symptoms might start disappearing now!” and I was like “FUCK YOU.” hahaha. The nausea stays at bay most of the time as long as I’m fed, like it’s been doing. I stopped progesterone on the 28th even though I was terrified to, and all is well so far. I doppled last night (lol) and baby’s HB sounds strong and great! I’m looking forward to my ultrasound on Thursday of next week, as well as getting into the second trimester.

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