Anxiety creeping in..

Yesterday I had a prenatal appointment with a staff member at my OB’s office. It was great! After asking a lengthy health history questionnaire, I learned about classes offered through the hospital I will be giving birth at, when we will take the tour, and other important information. I am not a carrier for any genetic diseases, so that’s fab. After that meeting I went to have my blood drawn and the lady drawing the blood was the same lady I normally went to at my fertility center. She saw me and said “What are you doing here!?” I said “I’m pregnant!” and threw my arms out. We were pumped to see each other and gave each other a big hug before she drew my blood as well as afterward. She does the IVF center early mornings and then the lab next to my OB as her regular day job. Made my friggin’ day!

I’ve been starting to freak out about missed miscarriages and the like so I’ve been using the baby Doppler at night to try and find little one’s heartbeat. I can’t find it. I’m keeping myself calm as possible as I knew this was a possibility, but I will be honest and say it’s disappointing since I found it on my second attempt and nothing since. I almost begged them for an ultrasound but contained myself. Exactly two weeks until my next ultrasound and dear god I hope I make it there sane and little one is still with me.

4 thoughts on “Anxiety creeping in..

  1. AKL says:

    That is a tough one as I’ve walked that road too. I didn’t have a Doppler (i ordered one but it never arrived so I took that as an omen and just got a refund) and I don’t think it always helps to get one. To be honest you may or may not have found the baby’s heartbeat previously. It’s really hard to find it at this stage. Try and think the best – I know it’s hard. This is actually the worst stage. It’s a day by day game so stay strong. xxx

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