Wonderful <3


Look at that baby! Getting so big!

My OB is so sweet. I really enjoyed the office, all of the staff, and especially the doctor. I am so excited! I had an ultrasound today which was welcome! Baby is measuring right on target and has a heartbeat of 169 bpm. As the ultrasound tech was showing me that I have a small subchorionic bleed, she said “Oh! the baby is moving!” and I saw a little movement and immediately started crying. I’m glad she mentioned the bleed.. I haven’t had any bleeding yet, knock on wood, but if I did I would have lost it.

My next appointment is next week to discuss all things pregnancy with a staff member, which I thought was great! Following that at 12 weeks I will have an ultrasound and a blood test (prenatal labs) and meet with the Dr again.

I’m glad I will have the doppler in case I get antsy in these next three weeks!

She told me I could start exercising like I was- so probably spin and (non heated) yoga for me, and that transitioning to her care I needed to start living like a regular ol’ pregnant lady! She was very compassionate and warm. I am really glad she was recommended to me.

10 thoughts on “Wonderful <3

  1. waitingbetweenthelines says:

    Just a word of warning on the doppler… it can be very tricky to find baby up until about 16 weeks so do not panic if you try but can’t find a heartbeat. They’re really small and have a lot of space to move so it takes a lot of patience to find them and even then you might just not be able to.

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  2. AKL says:

    Wonderful update! I am loving all of your progress. As for the yoga, go for it but make sure you tell your instructor before the class and also no inversions, no twists and when you do forward folds or similar moves which squish your stomach, move your legs apart more than you would normally (even at this early stage). xxx

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  3. unplannedinfertility says:

    I could never find the heartbeat, I was no good at it. Hubs could always find it. Way low, like on the pubic bone, and I had to press it in, hard, until I was pretty far along. Also, on mine, the heart rate readout was never accurate, so we just ignored it rather than worrying about it.

    I’m so happy for you. I say a little prayer for you every week at church that everything continues to go well for you and your little bean. xoxo

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