9 weeks

9 weeks today! I have my first OB appointment tomorrow and I’m hoping hoping hoping she gives me another ultrasound. I know I’m being greedy, but you guys know I’m crazy. It’s nice to be comforted. I ordered a baby Doppler online today after some good reviews from a January 2018 moms group I’m apart of. Eep.

Today I’m exhausted (surprise surprise), nauseous, and my lower back has been aching since I got up. I have been feeling pinches here and there in my cervix. I’m trying to avoid the google machine and I’m just hoping baby is going through a growth spurt, as they do between 9-10 weeks- so my pregnancy app tells me.

I was such a cranky bitch yesterday, but today I just feel tired and weak.

I want to go to bed. Luckily tomorrow I have the day off. I only asked for the afternoon but she gave me the whole day. I’ll take it!

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