Yesterday’s wedding was great! But exhausting. All in all the day was about 12 hours when you factor in driving, working, and being a guest after 9 pm. I danced but not with my usual vigor. I was seriously pooped. A member of one of my secret FB groups for IVF moms of my area was there, as a bridesmaid- the bride is actually how we met and how I became part of the group, she introduced us. Anyway, she was bringing me water all day/night and making sure I stayed hydrated, as were several of my friends and my fabulous second shooter. It was so nice! I came home and after taking my crinone injection up my lady parts and going to the bathroom I promptly passed out. I woke up at 9 because I can’t sleep past that anymore and went down a few hours later for a nap. Wedding hangovers (without drink) are REAL for wedding photographers- add in first trimester pregnancy and holy crap.

I’ve been having cramping today like I have this whole pregnancy, so that gave me some comfort that little one is growing. I’m nervous for my ultrasound and hope my symptom watching doesn’t consume me this next week.

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