Boss is cool, bad dream.

Yesterday I asked my boss if it would be okay if I left early on slow days. During the summer different doctors are out and patient loads decrease. I’m not taking a vacation this summer in anticipation of saving all my hours for when the baby is here, so I have plenty of time. She said that was totally fine- which is great! I really appreciate this, as afternoons are usually when the exhaustion really kicks in. In lieu of this, I decided to tell my co workers that I’m pregnant, as me taking off without explanation would not look good. They were all very happy for me, and had been wondering if I was as I was “glowing” on Monday. I beg to differ, I thought I looked like shit. Ha! So yesterday I left at almost 2 and went home and slept until 5ish.

Last night I had a terrible dream that I miscarried the baby, the fetus was so tiny and I could make out his/her feet and tiny shape. It was a horrific dream.

Only two more working days until ultrasound! I’m scared but Adam says he knows we will be getting good news.

We’ll see!

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