My friend pointed out I hadn’t updated in several days and I was freaking her out, so here I am! lol.

Prenatal yoga was SO BORING. I did learn that if you remain flexible, labor will be easier as your muscles can relax between contractions. I think it will be more useful when I’m further along. The other ladies in there were close to birth, and I was the only one in my first trimester. I felt like a phony, like I couldn’t relate. An imposter! It’s a studio I don’t go to so I bought a new student special. I’m going to check out their other non heated classes.

Work has been exhausting. Yesterday it was slow and I left at 2 pm because I was so nauseous and tired. I slept until 6. I was supposed to go to Boston to meet up with some old co workers of mine but decided early on in the day that two hours round trip of driving was not in the cards. They were all very understanding and one of them said “That’s the best excuse I’ve ever heard not to hang out!” I was looking forward to seeing them, my old place of employment we were like a family.

Last night I had a VERY vivid dream where I had a baby girl, and all my family and I were on vacation with her. I can’t do the dream justice, as we generally can’t, but it was amazing and oh my god I hope that’s my life soon. I know dreams block out all the “bad stuff” but seriously. I want this.

I’ve switched to Crinone gel regularly now because I had run out progesterone in oil over the long weekend. I like not having to do injections in my giant knots anymore, but there are some icky side effects as well. TMI incoming: your discharge looks like cottage cheese. You have to clean yourself out with your finger once in a while. I did that for the first time last night and it was soooo gross. You freak out because brown and black flecks show up in the white substance but it’s normal. It’s gross, but I’ll do what I gotta do. I wear a pad every day.

My first ultrasound is now less than a week away and I’ve been doing an okay job remaining calm. I’m so scared for it. I hope it’s not bad like last time. My mom is coming with us, hopefully she brings some Meme power along. I have a wedding the next day, and both times I’ve had a loss, I found out the day before a wedding so I’m paranoid it’s going to happen again. Ahhhh! I’m gonna stop talking about it because I’m getting nervous.

Today I have an engagement shoot and tomorrow I have one of my best friend’s baby showers, which should be fun.

That’s it for now!

6 weeks 4 days pregnant today- baby is the size of a lady bug

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