I’m looking forward to my beta tomorrow! Acupuncture was great last night, passed out pretty quickly 😂 

That’s it!


DAYUM that’s a mother fuckin’ LINE, am I right? lol

I have acupuncture this evening, which is great. My symptoms are – cramping on and off, I had some tan/almost brown stuff going on yesterday which is gone now, maybe old implantation bleeding? My boobs are sore, my nips are even more sore.. and I’ve felt nauseous for a little bit a few times now. Still feel mostly normal though!



It’s definitely getting darker! Not much else to say. I hope this one goes full term!

Edited to add- Well it’s almost 1 pm and I’ve been having period like cramps on and off all day. that’s a good sign 🙂



Today’s line is so faint it’s freaking me out, as it seems lighter than two days ago. I know a line is a line, but what if it’s going away?

Yesterday at the wedding I got bad cramps for about an hour. I have a camera holster that I wear that carries my camera, and what if that was too heavy? What is my camera bag was too heavy? Did I do too much? Gah. I’m a little nervous now, obviously. Might stop by CVS and get the pink line test just for comparison.

Can’t wait for Thursday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there!



I feel way better at the moment. I’m still going to test every morning but not out of being crazy just because. Yes I did buy two different kinds of tests, lol. 

The PIO shots have been going fine, I’m sore of course but nothing too crazy. I saw this this AM..

So maybe I’ll avoid that area for a few days.
I’m second shooting a wedding today. My camera bag is pretty heavy so I took out a few pieces of gear I won’t need as I’m not the lead on this wedding. Looking forward to the end of the night when I can chill on the couch!




Hooo boy. This morning I woke up thinking NOPE. THIS DIDN’T WORK. Then I came to work and forgot about it for a bit. Then I googled “4dp5dt” and found a blog from years ago where the woman, who was hilarious, was convinced it didn’t work because she didn’t feel anything. Well, turns out it worked. I read up until a few posts after she had her baby and I was in (happy) tears. The estrogen is really bringing out the weepies today. Walking around a bit ago I felt a TINY sharp stab in the cervix area. Maybe not even a stab, just a little.. presence? IDK. I smiled real big after this. Other than that my boobs are sore and my head is pounding and I’m sweaty. Thanks, progesterone! I’m going to pick up some FRER tests tonight for tomorrow morning..



I have acupuncture tonight at my regular spot. This morning I am feeling overheated and sweaty. SO SWEATY. Progesterone? Estrogen? I don’t know. My head hurts, too. Had some minimal cramping this morning. Last night in bed I sneezed and my whole lower abdomen tightened and released. I’m trying not to symptom spot as it’s still SO EARLY. My boobs are also super sore but not like last time.. they just HURT. I think that’s the progesterone. I’m freaking out. I tried the ferticalm app last night and it was great! I’m scared if I don’t feel that familiar pinch in my cervix I’ve associated with implantation today I’m going to lose it. Even more. This is so tortuous. I feel like it’s not going to work.

Calming my shit

For a reminder, once things start happening I update a thousand times more than I usually do, sooooo…

I downloaded a free app called “Ferticalm” recommended to me by a friend, so I’m excited to tap into that later on. I also went back and read my last FET entries, and I didn’t feel ANYTHING until 4dp5dt so that helped calm me some. Another friend recommended this link;


So I’ll be doing these after work.

Also a shout out to Jourdan, one of my (absolute favorite) wedding clients from last year, who reads my blog and is just a general sweetheart. Waddup girl! ❤