The wait continues!

So I’m trying to be as calm and as sane as possible. I think pregnancy tiredness is starting to seep it, mostly at night. When I visit my Pepe I used to finish the hockey game we were watching (Stanley Cup playoffs) but now I need to peace after the first period. So tired! The heat isn’t helping. I’ve started taking a baby aspirin once a day- some of my IVF mom friends with previous losses mentioned it. I asked Dr. P and she said it wouldn’t hurt if I wanted to do so. I got my prenatals on lock, as well. The knots in my bum area from the progesterone shots are getting SO BIG and sore. I’m still on the estrogen as well. Staying the course!

I looked at my wedding/photography season and broke it up into trimesters. I have a few weddings in the first trimester, 11 weddings in the second trimester, and two weddings in the third trimester. Woo! I’m nervous but think I will do just fine. I have other sessions as well (maternity, family, engagement, and an event) but they are NOTHING compared to the work of a wedding day. I have a couple double and triple headers so WE SHALL SEE how I fare. EEP!

I’m trying not to get too excited about being pregnant because the other two times it was ripped away from me, but for now I am happy. 🙂

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