Hooo boy. This morning I woke up thinking NOPE. THIS DIDN’T WORK. Then I came to work and forgot about it for a bit. Then I googled “4dp5dt” and found a blog from years ago where the woman, who was hilarious, was convinced it didn’t work because she didn’t feel anything. Well, turns out it worked. I read up until a few posts after she had her baby and I was in (happy) tears. The estrogen is really bringing out the weepies today. Walking around a bit ago I felt a TINY sharp stab in the cervix area. Maybe not even a stab, just a little.. presence? IDK. I smiled real big after this. Other than that my boobs are sore and my head is pounding and I’m sweaty. Thanks, progesterone! I’m going to pick up some FRER tests tonight for tomorrow morning..


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