I have acupuncture tonight at my regular spot. This morning I am feeling overheated and sweaty. SO SWEATY. Progesterone? Estrogen? I don’t know. My head hurts, too. Had some minimal cramping this morning. Last night in bed I sneezed and my whole lower abdomen tightened and released. I’m trying not to symptom spot as it’s still SO EARLY. My boobs are also super sore but not like last time.. they just HURT. I think that’s the progesterone. I’m freaking out. I tried the ferticalm app last night and it was great! I’m scared if I don’t feel that familiar pinch in my cervix I’ve associated with implantation today I’m going to lose it. Even more. This is so tortuous. I feel like it’s not going to work.

7 thoughts on “3dp5dt

  1. AKL says:

    Drink more water to combat the headaches. If you think you’ve drunk enough, then drink some more. Progesterone can give those symptoms but it varies from one person to the next. I think it’s a good sign though so stay positive!!

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