Hello nausea- 6 weeks today

Well today nausea and dizziness is in full effect in addition to exhaustion. I’m happy for this though, because my ultrasound is 11 days away and obviously I’m already anxious. I talked myself out of an anxiety attack last night. Looking forward to acupuncture this evening. đŸ™‚

Found a prenatal yoga class!

Well I will be starting a prenatal yoga class this Thursday. The other “prenatal” class I was taking in my previous pregnancy was actually a gentle candlelight yoga class, not specifically for pregnant ladies. I wonder how this will differ? I am already anxious for my ultrasound. How will I keep sane? Well.. scheduling this yoga and keeping up with my acupuncture… I am SO SCARED I’m going to lose this one, like the last two.

Brown spotting

I had some brown spotting yesterday and promptly lost my shit. In the calmest way possible. The nurse said as long as it’s not bright red or accompanied by severe cramps I’m ok. Haven’t had toooo much but yeaa. Deep breaths! 

HOLY SMOKES! Third beta

So my third beta is in..


as my dad would say, holy mackerel!

Since I can’t find a 3 beta calculator, I did it in the following way, screen caps below. This might actually happen!!


Blood work tomorrow

I thought it might be worth it to ask my fertility center if I could have my blood work tomorrow – at a clinic that is 25 minutes away, instead of on Saturday – at a clinic which is an hour and 5 minutes away. I stressed I understand timelines and understand if I couldn’t due to them, but I thought I’d ask. They said that was fine! So not only do I get to travel far less and sleep in on Saturday morning – I get my results a DAY SOONER! Woohoo!


Today I’ve been having quite a bit of stinging in my cervix. It’s similar to the cramping but it also STINGS on and off. I did some googling and it seems to be normal for the first trimester. My boobs are still sore, sometimes really sore and sometimes just a little bit.

Yesterday I went to several family events, one being a baby shower for my cousin. I heard my aunt say that they have a text thread for names, and one of the names she mentioned is my very coveted boy name. My dad and I looked at each other like :|. I didn’t say anything though. She’s due in the fall, so we’ll see! I might not even be having a boy, so… it’s weird, right? Lol.

I’m looking forward to my blood work on Saturday and my ultrasound whenever that happens. Oh please oh please let this one go to term!

edit- According to my FET transfer date, I am 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

Beta #2

Second beta is in.. 657!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.30.32 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 3.30.52 PM

I’m going to continue my progesterone and estrace orally, but no longer have to take it vaginally.

Next beta is Saturday the 27th. Eep!

The wait continues!

So I’m trying to be as calm and as sane as possible. I think pregnancy tiredness is starting to seep it, mostly at night. When I visit my Pepe I used to finish the hockey game we were watching (Stanley Cup playoffs) but now I need to peace after the first period. So tired! The heat isn’t helping. I’ve started taking a baby aspirin once a day- some of my IVF mom friends with previous losses mentioned it. I asked Dr. P and she said it wouldn’t hurt if I wanted to do so. I got my prenatals on lock, as well. The knots in my bum area from the progesterone shots are getting SO BIG and sore. I’m still on the estrogen as well. Staying the course!

I looked at my wedding/photography season and broke it up into trimesters. I have a few weddings in the first trimester, 11 weddings in the second trimester, and two weddings in the third trimester. Woo! I’m nervous but think I will do just fine. I have other sessions as well (maternity, family, engagement, and an event) but they are NOTHING compared to the work of a wedding day. I have a couple double and triple headers so WE SHALL SEE how I fare. EEP!

I’m trying not to get too excited about being pregnant because the other two times it was ripped away from me, but for now I am happy. đŸ™‚

BETA is in….


“Maybe twins!”


When the nurse said I was pregnant I said “Yay!” and she said “You knew.. you cheated!” and I said I absolutely did, lol. When she said 395 I said “holy shit!”

Next beta on Saturday!