Estrogen and gooo

So I started taking Estrogen yesterday. 2mg twice a day orally, next week continue that and add it vaginally. On our way.

My Pepe has been in the hospital since Sunday. Yesterday we found out he has stage 4 liver cancer. 3 months left to live. I’m waiting to hear more as the oncologist is visiting today. They of course won’t be doing any treatment. There’s nothing anyone can do. I am still in shock. I thought he just had a bad cold and some weird stomach stuff going on. He told me the other day “Katlyn I’m waiting for that baby!” and now I’m so sad my child/children will never meet him, and he, them. He’s seriously the best with kids. Of course he’s had a good life, he’ll be 88 in July, but man this sucks. My poor mother took care of my Meme as she died of cancer, and now Pepe, too. He JUST moved into a new addition they put on their house. I’m so sad. Fuck, man.

Here’s a photo of Pepe I took on our Canada vacation. (My Pepe is from Canada and my husband and I took him up there by car. We also decided on this very vacation to have kids)


8 thoughts on “Estrogen and gooo

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that… My husband and I have no living grandparents nor fathers (and our mothers are both psycho), so it’s a very different world to be in trying to start a family and not having those people around.

    Got to say I’m glad I always did shots for estrogen and not pessaries. By the way I have an entire bottle of estradiol pills if you want them!

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