Waiting again

Well, I haven’t upgraded from spotting and my cramps stopped. They said if my period doesn’t come by April 26th then to call and we’ll get Provera labs going. UGH. The reason we have to wait until the 26th is because that is the last cycle day 1 I had. I’m so tired of waiting. I want to start this damn FET cycle!

In other news, Adam’s doctor is recommending back surgery NOW. He says that the pain will not go away, and rather than Adam go through this regularly he advises he get the surgery. Adam is scared. He’s waiting for the call from his surgeon today, and then he will have an appointment with him. He said he wants me to come with him to that one because he never knows what questions to ask but I do. Then we will make our decision. I said if he wanted a second opinion he should get one, but also this doctor seems to know what he’s talking about. We’ll see! So that’s what’s up.

6 thoughts on “Waiting again

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    How aggravating! On your husband, what kind of surgery is it, a microdiscectomy or….? A lot of MDs go right for the surgery (which sadly, doesn’t guarantee a permanent fix as you probably know), so I’d definitely get a few second opinions from a PT, another doctor, etc. Most studies show that the longer treatment of combined PT/acu/chiro/etc. pays off before surgery (been all over the news lately here) – not saying not to do it but just like with fertility treatments, don’t take one doctor’s recommendation as gospel – get multiple opinions before making the decision that’s best for you 🙂

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  2. albatearoa says:

    Hope he gets the surgery soon and that your period starts on the 26th – my birthday so my birthday wish for you! I’m on day 37 so I’m also waiting for my FET cycle, and it’d be great to have that as a birthday present. So tired of waiting!

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