BC stopped, meds should be in today, cramping beginning?

So I’ve officially stopped my birth control. My meds should be waiting for me when I get home.. now all I’m doing is waiting on my period. I’ve had a few twinges of cramps today so I’m guessing it should be here in the next few days, a week at the latest.

Sunday I went to a friend (and a wedding client of mine!)’s bridal shower. It was fun! I had a few Bellini’s and hung out with my girlfriends. I also met one of the girls from my local FB IVF mom group. She’s been through so much- and we’ve chatted so much online in the last year plus. It was great to give her a hug and chat in real life! It felt like it wasn’t the first time we were meeting, lol. She is really good friends with my friend (the bride) and that’s how I heard about this local FB group.

I’ve been taking good care of Adam. He’s still in some pain.. as long as he doesn’t move he’s alright. I feel bad for him.. he said he’s sick of being stuck. The one nice thing is that it’s forced us to stop doing our own thing as much as we were doing (we get into hermit modes even from each other!) and hang out waaaay more which we’ve been enjoying. That dude is so fucking hilarious. I’m a lucky lady. He has an MRI this evening.. so I hope that goes well.

Finally, I started calorie counting and I’m going to start going to spin and yoga again. I’ve gained at least 30 pounds since I started IVF, and I need to lose 42 total, which feels crazy! Of course, if I get pregnant my mindset will change, and that calorie count will go up a little bit 😉

That’s it for now!

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