Still waiting.

Always always waiting. I can’t help but be very frustrated. IVF is very frustrating in general. I called Briova to see if they can ship my meds so I can get a stop date for the BC and they still haven’t worked through the order, so it cannot be shipped at this time. The guy on the phone updated my order to “stat” and said to call back in a few hours. Between calling FNEC over and over to see if my cycle was approved and now Briova, it’s getting annoying. I just want to get underway.

In other news, I would have been due this month, in the next week or two I think, if my last pregnancy didn’t end in miscarriage. Weird, eh?

2 thoughts on “Still waiting.

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Ugh – sorry you have to do that stuff through the mail. We get all our fertility meds locally through Stroheckers, that’s actually their main business. Now there’s a business idea…!

    Due date anniversaries suck, been there last month 😦 I hope this next round is a winner for you two!

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