A snail’s pace, husband health issues

I’ve been patiently waiting for approval to come through for my FET cycle. After some phone tag and me being annoying calling, they have ordered my meds and I just need to call to schedule delivery. Finnnnally!

In other news, Adam is in a bad way with his back. He herniated his L4 in high school and it was pretty dormant until last year, where he was out of work for two weeks in pain. He came home last week (Tuesday I think?) and collapsed into bed in pain. After a couple hours nap we gingerly tried to get him down the stairs. He collapsed at the bottom of the stairs in pain and couldn’t move for some time. He ended up having to crawl to the couch, where he could not get comfortable. He was screaming in pain. I’ve NEVER seen him like that in our 10 years of knowing each other. After a couple hours and a worried call to a nurse practitioner, I called an ambulance to get him to the hospital, as he literally could not move. They gave him some heavy duty meds when they got to our house and ended up having to remove him on a stretcher as they weren’t touching the pain what so ever. The EMTs were great, the ER visit was not a pleasant one, and they kept trying to get us to leave and telling Adam there was nothing else they could do for him. They were giving him barely any pain meds. I sat for hours rubbing his head as he laid in terrible pain. I work for the hospital we were at and I’m going to let them know how terrible some of their staff were to him. We tried to leave at one point, Adam putting all of his weight on me, and we couldn’t get to the exit without him collapsing again. He couldn’t sit in a wheel chair because it’s his lower spine that is affected and getting up was horrendously painful. I got help and we got him back onto a gurney and he laid the wrong way. After doing so one of the nurses got impatient that he was laying the wrong way and he needed to move. He was panting in pain and said he needed a minute. She gave him 20 seconds and said “Okay! Move your legs this way!” and he repeated he needed a minute. She had been bobbing her legs impatiently. She put her hands up and walked away.  We ended up getting him out of the hospital an hour after that- and after they gave him a little bit of actual pain medication, and I wheeled him out on a wheel chair sideways, with a pillow built up. I drove him home while he was on all fours in the back of my SUV.

The x-rays showed he has spinal stenosis and some degenerative things going on. Honestly, the ER doctors don’t know as much as the specialists, but they should have taken his pain more seriously, especially after seeing his x rays.

He had an appointment with a spine specialist yesterday and he’s herniated another disc, one of them is ruptured, and his spine is that of a 40 old man’s as opposed to a 30 year old man (what he actually is.) Surgery is inevitable, it’s just a matter of now, a couple years, or 10 years from now. I’ve been waiting on him hand and foot, which he hates, but I like to take care of him. He was using a walker up until two days ago. He will be out of work until April 27th at least, and he is scheduled to have an MRI and be re-evaluated before that. I’m just so glad he isn’t in so much pain anymore. He’s sore and his mobility is bad today, probably from venturing out yesterday.

I have a cat scan on Friday because of a nodule on my lung. Nothing crazy, just a yearly thing to keep an eye on it.

That’s it for now. We are stressed over here, just a bit!



5 thoughts on “A snail’s pace, husband health issues

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Ugh! Well I can totally identify with the pain of a herniated disc and I can’t believe they wouldn’t give him anything at the ER… When I got my L4 L5 herniated disc in November, I was also trucked out of the house on a stretcher to the ambulance and they had me on all kinds of hardcore drugs to try to get me to be able to at least sit up or stand up on my own. It was only at 1 they brought a physical therapist and a few hours later that she was able to get me at least moving enough where I could get off the bed and to the bathroom. I don’t respond to any of the medications unfortunately, even the big narcotics, so for me that’s far it’s just been building up my physical therapy exercises, going to the chiropractor and acupuncturist, and now weekly massage. My x-ray and MRI also show degenerative stuff as well, and 4 months later I’m still nowhere close to being back to normal. I totally feel his pain, especially when you said they try to put them in a wheelchair… The hardest part for me was getting in and out of a car, especially our small hatchback, so it took a couple weeks before we could get me to PT. I’m crossing my fingers that surgery won’t be needed but of course we have to see how this last round goes.

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