Retrieval done!


Retrieval done! This was the view from our drive home, which took two and a half hours (as opposed to an hour.) I’m quite sore today! We are also doing a freeze all, no fresh transfer for me. That’s because..


That’s about it for now! The 20th is my dad’s birthday- and the first day of spring! Let’s hope that brings us some luck.

18 thoughts on “Retrieval done!

  1. AKL says:

    Oh yes!! That’s lots of eggs!! Watch out for the OHSS as it gets worse before it gets better. Get stuck into some sports drinks like Gatorade and drink lots of water otherwise. Flush it all out!! I was pretty poorly after my last EC and this was what I had to do. Also, it’s a great opportunity to eat crisps / potato chips “for the salt”. So excited for you and your little embryos!!

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  2. albatearoa says:

    Wow lady! We ended up with very similar numbers – 16 fertilised out of 23, 21 mature. I was so uncomfortable for a while but it eased up by day 4/5. You know the drill but yeah get onto that gatorade and protein! thinking of you.

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