Egg retrieval tomorrow during the blizzard..

So things are looking up and not so weird anymore! I had blood work and scans 4 days in a row.. twice an hour away from my house this past weekend. I am so tired. Finally my eggs are ready to rock. I started taking an extra med to help combat over stimulation last night. As Dr. V said in her voice mail “there’s a lot cooking in there!”

I triggered last night around 9:40. We freaked out because it was in my arm as opposed to my bum. It ended up being fine of course. My mother in law was shaking and I was holding my father in law’s hand. ❤ Adam was too queasy for it.

I feel like utter shit today. This morning I was willing myself not to throw up, I’m still nauseous, I’m exhausted and dizzy, have a headache, I’m SO bitchy, my boobs ache, and I spent 15 minutes in the bathroom at work this morning with diarrhea. Thanks metformin/HCG! On top of all of that I am very bloated and feeling super uncomfortable with all these eggs. BUT! I’m just thankful they caught up and we didn’t have to cancel the cycle. It’s weird feeling bitchy but also happy. HA. We are staying with friends closer to the fertility center tonight so we can venture out into the blizzard. Hopefully this brings us some weird luck!

Now to struggle through the rest of my day..


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