Just kidding, not really on our way.

Warning- this post is bitchy and not positive.


I sometimes wonder if this whole thing is worth it. I’m tired of feeling so desperate. I thought this cycle was going normally but today’s scans showed my endometrium showed that it’s thinning- which, what??? I hope Dr. P calls me and tells me what’s going on. My endometrium was 8.3 on Sunday morning, 6.4 yesterday, and 4.3 or something today. I’m not having any spotting? They upped my gonal F meds quite a bit, and it seems all my follicles are hanging out around the 11-13 size, with one of them being 17. I just spoke to the nurse, a different one than normal, and she wouldn’t give me any answers so I’m just going to worry all day. I feel like this will never happen for us. The metformin I’m on gives me diarrhea every day, multiple times a day, I feel so sick from the meds, I’m tired of feeling so EMOTIONAL and bitchy. I just really wonder if I’m wasting my fucking time.

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