Soon, soon.

Friday is my baseline scan! I stopped BC yesterday.

Saturday I had lunch with one of my best friends. I’ve mentioned her here before. The last time I posted about her, I mentioned that she had suffered a miscarriage. Well, I got a drink that had apple flavorings and whiskey in it and it was delicious, so I offered some to her. She said “I can’t.” I said “You’re pregnant?!” and she said that she was and she’s 12 weeks along. I almost started crying, I’m SO happy for her. I didn’t feel hurt or jealous or anything like that, just pure happiness. We went out to eat right before my last cycle as well, so we thought this was odd/funny.

Another girl I know just announced her pregnancy with rainbow baby twins.. she’s doing IVF and had a miscarriage her last attempt.

I hope I’m next.

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