Meds- ordered. It’s happening again!

I’ve been pretty numb to starting another cycle until today. I can’t believe we are here again. Not necessarily in a bad way, it just feels surreal. I feel so much older and in the grand scheme of things it hasn’t been that long. I was chatting with my therapist about how I’m finally getting back to normal and out of my depressive episode and I’m throwing myself back in this again. I just have to keep up the self care. I’ve booked 4 weddings since my last update, so that’s definitely been a boost! If I get pregnant next month, I don’t foresee any issues with any of the weddings, especially since two of them are for summer and fall of 2018. My last wedding of this season is currently in mid October, which would put me at roughly 7 months pregnant, if I get pregnant next month, and if it lasts. I have plans for if I’m on bed rest, and will be hiring extra help. I’m getting ahead of myself of course, but you need to have a plan when you’re responsible for someone’s wedding photos! A lot of photographers I know keep shooting up until the last few weeks of their pregnancies! So we’ll see.

I’ve been exercising a lot and I’m not losing weight but gaining. I think it’s because I’m gaining muscle. My tummy and face have slimmed down and several people have remarked how I look thinner. My aunt said “You got skinny!” I’ve been eating really well, too. I’m going to schedule my first acupuncture session for next week, to get a few “on the books” before I get to my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork the 24th. I have a photography retreat at the end of the month which I’m looking forward to as well.

I hope 2017 fucking rules!



5 thoughts on “Meds- ordered. It’s happening again!

  1. AKL says:

    I hope it rules too!! I’ve no idea what did and didn’t make a difference for me but acupuncture did something good so v happy to hear you’re getting on board. You do need to start in advance so sounds like you have a solid plan. I think you’re sounding a bit like me in July last year – a bit broken but dammed well not ready to totally give in yet. I’m so optimistic for you. You go girl!!! xx

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      • AKL says:

        Very good. Yes my meds regime was baby aspirin, but then later also Clexane 40mg (blood thinner), steroids 16mg and intralipids every 2 weeks for the first trimester. I also take a bunch of vitamins so it was quite a lot to remember!!!

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