Provera labs

I will be having blood work on Monday so I can start a provera period. My natural period stopped coming, no shocker there. After that I’ll go on BC, and after our insurance approves our cycle we’ll get started. I haven’t heard from my insurance since the fertility center submitted the paperwork for this cycle. I’m a little nervous with all that’s going on here that I won’t be able to do ANY IVF cycles. I read this proposed “Personhood” bill that would make IVF out of the question for anyone. Scary times, among other things.

I’ve been feeling really detached from IVF. Still going to therapy, in a major depressive episode, and it’s not just because of IVF. I’ve been going to spin and yoga and trying my best to keep going. I had a wedding expo last weekend and I’ve been pretty busy.

It feels like I’ll never be a mom. Never have kids. I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Provera labs

  1. unplannedinfertility says:

    Please don’t worry too much about that bill. I saw it too and from what I understand 1-it’s not passed yet, so it can’t be in effect yet. 2-it’s been trying to pass for 10 years and hasn’t been successful yet (I know things are different now, but… still a little reassuring). 3-It says that it *could* have the effect of preventing IVF, but that’s just one interpretation of it, it’s not that the bill says to specifically prevent IVF. 4-I haven’t researched it myself, but I read from someone that says they did, that it’s actually hyped up to sound really shocking, to the point that it’s essentially fake, even though it’s based on an actual bill. So idk, but it doesn’t sound like something you need to worry about right now as you’re trying to start. You have enough on your plate, ya know?

    I’m hoping everything goes smoothly with the BC and insurance approval and everything so that you can get going!! xoxo

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