It just hurts.

I’ve been avoiding Facebook lately, happy to work on my photography business or read a book. I just finished The Fiery Cross, book number 5 of the Outlander series. Straight onto book number 6..

anyway, I decided to check out FB today and the first dozen posts were happy pregnant ladies or babies. I can’t. It seriously crushes me. Instagram is the same. I quickly Xed out of Facebook. Adam’s good friend and his wife are expecting baby number 2, due in August. I can’t escape everyone’s joy and due dates and baby news. I almost started to cry when he told me. I can’t explain how awful it feels to be upset at such happy news but also happy for them at the same time, but mostly in your own sorrow. I’m sure a lot of you understand, have been there at some point.

Tomorrow I have my follow up with Dr. Plante, and then once Adam’s blood tests come back we will be submitting to insurance to start our next cycle.


6 thoughts on “It just hurts.

  1. unplannedinfertility says:

    I totally get it. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling like that. I was there. And, strangely enough, sometimes still am. Do what you need to to keep your feelings safe. (And I’ll get it if that means a break from me at some point too).

    I hope your FU goes well today and that everything is smooth sailing for your next start! xoxo

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