Hysteroscopy/biopsy, no cycle in sight.

I had a follow up with Dr. P today. They did a version of HSG without the dye.. I can’t remember what it’s called- but they put a balloon into your uterus and check it out on the ultra sound. My uterus wasn’t smooth- but kinda weird and bumpy. So they’re going to do a hysteroscopy and a biopsy at the same time to make sure nothing is infected, all the tissue from my miscarriage is gone, and there are no polyps. We didn’t end up talking next steps and are saving it for after the hysteroscopy. One of my blood tests came back faintly positive for blood clotting but my Dr said it’s one point past positive and she doesn’t think it’s relevant, so we’ll be re testing for that. Adam has to re-up on all his blood tests/semen analysis. They haven’t scheduled the hysteroscopy/biopsy yet so who knows when we can cycle again.

I’m disheartened but, oh well. We trudge on.

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