New (exciting) insurance

So my current health insurance is being discontinued. After fighting through the muck of my new options and my husband’s new options- and people who wouldn’t call me back, gave me misinformation, and just generally weren’t helpful- I picked a new health insurance! When I called the rep and asked her about infertility/IVF services, she said they were covered in full. I asked her how many cycles. She said there are no cycle limits- they are unlimited! I didn’t believe her- another insurance company rep I spoke with earlier had said the same thing and I called again to double check- she was wrong. So she took my number so she could investigate the matter further and called me back and left me a voicemail- which I am saving!- saying her manager said there is no dollar amount cap to IVF services, and no lifetime cycle limit either. CRAZY! I’m hoping it’s real life. I chose that insurance and that kicks in in 2017. My sister-in-law runs a daycare and one of her mom’s has unlimited and I never thought I’d find one!

I have to have baseline testing again – it’s a yearly thing I guess!- and I scheduled a Sono-HSG the same day my follow up with Dr. P. It’s different than the HSG test which I had last time. My period started on it’s own accord which is rare for me- and they’re getting me on BC and I have my day 3 scan tomorrow. I forgot how brutal my periods are. Woof! I’m glad this is happening though so I don’t have to wait even more time. I can’t believe I’m about to start the whole process over again. It still feels murky because I haven’t had my F/U after our miscarriage yet. We’ll see…

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