hCG is less than 2, now onto the panels..

My hCG is less than 2 now, so it is considered negative. Either this afternoon or tomorrow I’ll be having a recurrent pregnancy loss panel, and then I have to book an appointment for two weeks from now to go over the results with Dr. Plante and talk about next steps. I chuckled myself, for yes, the waiting ALWAYS continues.

6 thoughts on “hCG is less than 2, now onto the panels..

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Sucks. Hey I am curious to hear though what the RPL panel is that you’re getting, what they look at / test / etc.

    (As my last RE was shit and didn’t test a damn thing, I’m always curious to hear about what other folks are getting tested since for 5 cycles I’ve learned more on the internet about IVF than from my own doc, ugh)

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