Dr. P is a sweetheart.

Dr. Plante called to check in on me. In comparison to other doctor I saw, she had so much warmth and care in her voice. Adam had said yesterday it felt like the other doctor was acting, but Dr. P sounded so genuine. She made me feel cared for.She had a little more hope in her than the other doc, but I am still prepared for the worst. I am getting my ultrasound on Tuesday in the office closer to me and I won’t have to go see that other doctor which I am so thankful for. Dr. P said it could go either way, and she hopes and prays the baby will have improved by Tuesday, but that it usually goes the way we don’t want it to go. Then she asked me about my weekend and what I was doing and how I was holding up, if I was okay. I really really appreciate her. I’m so thankful for people like her. I really am.

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