7 weeks!

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant. This weekend has had me napping A LOT. I’ve started to get night sweats, and since I don’t generally get those I looked them up. Apparently that happens when you’re pregnant? I’ve had exhaustion, cramping, heart burn, sore boobs off and on, and nausea. Seems in the morning when I wake up is when I feel the most ill. I’m thankful Thursday is right around the corner- while I’ve been keeping calm I really really want to see what’s going on down in my uterus.

My right side for the progesterone shots was SO PAINFUL so I switched to the left for the last 4 days? Now my left side is so painful so I’m switching back tonight. Adam gave me a good rub in that area last night but it hurts so much this morning.

I’ll take it if it means baby!

4 thoughts on “7 weeks!

    • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

      We were too, but my right side has been “off” since my first cycle and whenever we do the shots there it hurts much worse than the other spot. I also have a big numb area near it, been like that for months! The days off were much needed but now my poor left side is feeling the consequences!! I was thinking of asking a nurse to draw those circles on me so he feels more free to move about like you’re mentioning you guys do.

      As for the scan… me either, the anxiety and excitement are overloading my brain. Gah!!!

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