Pregnancy brain is REAL.

It’s taking over. I do not feel like myself!

Yesterday I rescheduled my therapy appointment because I was so tired. I went home and slept for several hours. The exhaustion is overwhelming. I woke up every hour on the hour last night, and did not sleep well. Adam and I got into an argument before bed and that was that. We need to talk it out tonight. He used the phrase “not that pregnant” last night and I’m still pissed about it. Ugh.

This morning I almost backed into another car in my work’s parking lot- so embarrassing. Later my co worker came to me and said “Wings?” (for lunch, we all order out sometimes) but I thought he said “Twins?” Haha. Lordy. I said “Oh. Sorry. No, thank you.”

So much fog. I’m really glad for my blog and my support groups and now a few subreddits on Reddit. thanks for the support ❤

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy brain is REAL.

  1. unplannedinfertility says:

    I think it’s so hard for them to understand how much your hormones changing really affects you. It still seems crazy early to be having symptoms, but all the changes can really do a number on you. Will he read the entries on Ovia about what happens each week? On 6w2d, Matt asked me why I was so tired. I was like “excuse me, but I made a nose today, what did you do?” It may not feel like you’re doing much, but your body is crazy busy. He’ll get used to it.

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    • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

      Yea I had read the entries to him during my first pregnancy. He’s still protecting himself from this one I think, which doesn’t help the cause. I wish he would just trust and listen to what I’m saying! I’m definitely going to talk to him about it tonight. He was like “The baby is the size of a blueberry, you haven’t even gained weight yet!” I’m like uh, so? Shit is going down! haha

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