Pregnant lady on vacation!

Yesterday my mother in law referred to my unborn baby as her sixth grandchild while her and my mother were talking. (Our baby will my mom’s first grandchild.) It’s still not real, but it’s getting realer. I’m so scared of what happened last time I’ve been kind of floating through the motions, not really admitting fully that I am indeed pregnant. Yesterday I had a spat of tan/beige discharge and called my care team, but they said that’s normal. My estrogen levels are so high that the discharge is going to do weird things sometimes.

I woke up this morning feeling sick- nauseous and crampy, and I turned to Adam and said “I don’t feel very good. It’s great!” Every day I can FEEL pregnant is another day I am comforted that I am pregnant, so I enjoy these symptoms.

I did so many loads of laundry and went on a cleaning rampage last night. My mom and aunt are staying over to watch our beloved husky while we are on vacation, so I wanted to make sure they had a nice place to stay!

I might buy some HPT tests mid week when the insanity hits- but hopefully my vacation will stave that off. I’ll have no internet so I won’t be googling like crazy – or reading your blogs! I hope everyone continues in the positive fashions they have been!

With that, I’m out!

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