Gentle restorative yoga? More like yoga naps.

Last night I had a client meeting at my studio. We were designing her boudoir album. The yoga studio I attend is right down the street, so after she left I started working on a blog post. I’m so behind blogging my business stuff. After I chose the images I wanted, I set them to convert to JPGs and laid down on my chaise lounge chair. I fell asleep listening to The Get Up Kids and woke up 40ish minutes later, finished up my stuff on the computer, and got ready for yoga.

I got to yoga and L and I talked about my pregnancy and she is currently in the (natural) tww. She has symptoms but doesn’t want to believe them just yet. Class started with 10-15 minutes of meditation. I set my intentions for my embryo/embies and had my hands on my stomach, just talking to them inwardly. After all our sitting poses with started using the pillow things and blankets and I swear it was just me basically napping in different gentle poses. During savasana I was asleep, for sure.

I’m used to going hard in yoga, a heated class at that, so getting used to this non heated class has been weird. I was walking standing up a little straighter on my way into work, so it has it’s benefits.

In the night I woke up with strong cramps, but they are gone now. My head feels heavy and hurts, and my nausea is coming and going. I’m still very tired.

I’m just hoping and hoping this is it for me. Adam is starting to even talk about there being a baby or babies in me, so he’s letting his guard down a little.

I have acupuncture tonight! Looking forward to it. Probably going to sleep through that, too- ha!

Two days until vacation!


2 thoughts on “Gentle restorative yoga? More like yoga naps.

  1. unplannedinfertility says:

    It drives me crazy how we all have different symptoms so we can’t compare to *know for sure*. There just is no knowing for sure. I haven’t had any nausea, no sore boobs. I don’t really have cramps anymore, but I do still have “twinges”, just odd feelings in there that tell me something is happening. My hunger has changed, I suppose it’s increased a little, and when I first feel hungry, I feel the need to eat immediately. I feel a little more tired than usual and I have a sore lower back that I do not believe is related to how I’ve been sleeping.
    I wonder if you’re already feeling the nausea because your hCG is a little higher? Although I wouldn’t think our difference would be enough to make a difference I guess…

    I hope you have so much fun on vaca!

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    • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

      I know it! Also, my symptoms are different from my last pregnancy! I think our bodies respond differently to the hormones. I think I’m very sensitive to the hCG. My therapist said I already had pregnancy brain and she was shocked because she sees that much later on. My first pregnancy I had VERY low numbers and I felt very tired, my boobs felt like stones! It’s very weird, the whole thing!

      I’ve read some women don’t get any symptoms at all until 6-8 weeks! Hang in there, Saturday is coming ❤

      and thank you 🙂

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