I’m in the testing every day madness and I can’t stop it, so I’m just rolling with it. I tested this morning and it was SO LIGHT that I got discouraged. I left it alone for 10 minutes and came back and voila!


Could this be it? I was visualizing us with our baby and I’m starting to get really excited. From last time I’m scared to though.


I think I’m in pretty good shape? Not pictured: internet cheapy tests that drive infertile women around the world CRAZY.

I’m second shooting a wedding this afternoon. I think I’m going to pick up ONE more pack of tests so I can test tomorrow and MONDAY MORNING which is beta.

Oh mannnnnn!

6 thoughts on “8dp5dt

  1. unplannedinfertility says:

    When I told Dr V that I tested starting on 6dp, she was like “oh my god, you know you tested at the very earliest it was even maybe possible to detect anything right?” In that tone of hers that says “you know you’re ridiculous, right?” Hahaha

    Crossing everything for you for a great beta number!

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