PUPO= pregnant until proven otherwise

Last night I had acupuncture. I saw one of my best friends – we’ve been friends since childhood- getting acupuncture as well! I tapped her arm as I passed by and we excitedly waved at each other. She ended up waiting for me afterward and we went out to eat. I got a St. Germain Mimosa as I’m hoping that was the last drink I’ll have until I’m a mom! My friend L had a miscarriage several months ago, and after her D&C and waiting period she has started trying again. She hasn’t gone the infertility route as of yet, as she became preg3.pngnant fairly quickly when she started trying, but it’s very hard for her after her M/C of course. While I was laying in my acupuncture chair I started to tear up (thanks hormone) thinking about how we used to have sleep overs all the time and watch sappy movies and we did so much together- now here we are decades later (that makes me feel old) trying to have babies and having issues. I told her I thought it was great luck that she was there that night and maybe she’ll bring me some luck or my transfer…. so!

As of this morning, y transfer is in the bank! (Did I just compare my vagina/uterus to a bank?)

As I previously mentioned, my mom came along. Though I’m not religious (as you might recall I’m agnostic and not sure what I believe) I did wear a bracelet she bought me before I started my first cycle of IVF- it has Saint Gerard on it and apparently he is the patron saint of expectant mother. I’m going to keep it on as I go.4

Dr. V did the transfer which is great, she is hilarious and I needed some laughter for the occasion! She asked me if I was ready to have a great and uneventful pregnancy and I said “I sure am!” While we waiting for the embryos we chatted and my mom recalled how myself and my brother were born and delivered, I heard about just a little bit about Dr. V’s children, and we chatted about weddings as I am second shooting a wedding this weekend and Dr. V asked me what I was up to over the weekend.

After the transfer was done I headed back to acupuncture, and then got some food and jetted to work. That’s it for now. Beta is August 8th. Hoping hoping hoping ā¤




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