“Cycle 4” underway

I just got the call from my fertility center- my insurance approved my FET and I was told to stop my BCP today. I should be getting a period in 3-5 days, and then I’ll be starting the whole process again. I asked for a timeline for transfer because my co worker will be on vacation until the 27th of July, and she put my estimated transfer around then (27th-29th).  So! She made a note of that and hopefully it will be fine. I’m hoping this is the stars aligning for a SUCCESSFUL and FULL TERM pregnancy. So my beta will be the second week of August, which is the week before my vacation. Here’s to hoping!

That’s it for now. I hope I’m making the right decision.

Scared but ramping up my optimism. COME. ON!

2 thoughts on ““Cycle 4” underway

  1. unplannedinfertility says:

    That was quick! Good luck!! I’m also hoping the timing of my transfer works out and it’s the 22nd or before, otherwise we’ll have to come home from vacation. My blood and US was Monday on CD2, and the next appt is Saturday the 16th. They said once everything is “ready”, I’ll start PIO and transfer will be 5 days later, so I’m hoping for a go on the 16th. That would make transfer on the 21st. So I don’t have a lot of wiggle room.

    Fingers crossed that timing works great for both of us and that this is it!!!

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    • ourfrigginivfjourney says:

      It didn’t feel quick! Lol. I started BC a week before I saw Dr. P though to save time- so that helps! I hope your timeline works out for the best- scheduling this stuff around vacations is hard! I feel you there. FX here too! ❤


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