Cramps and sharp pains

I felt weird ALL DAY yesterday, like I wanted to jump out of my skin and go run around really fast. That’s gone today,  but I woke up to really strong cramps that felt like my period was coming. Also sharp sharp pains off and on. I put my finger up there to check the scene and had some brown discharge, but not a lot, and my care team said that was normal. They think the cramping is normal too but they’re going to call me back after they talk to the doctor. Pregnancy is scary stuff, you just don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. Ahh!

I cancelled two bridal expos I had booths at in January. I hadn’t paid a deposit and they were asking me for money to secure my slot. I don’t think anyone would want to hire an 8 month pregnant wedding photographer- even if their wedding wasn’t for a while after I was no longer pregnant! Also, if it snows, or I go in to labor early, or so many what ifs… plus bridal expos are long and tiring days, and even not pregnant I ended up exhausted. I have 3 more weddings separating me and relaxation all the time, other than my day job and until September when I have some more weddings. As for canceling the expos, I’m sort of concerned about stagnating my business but I need to take care of peppercorn and myself. I’m a little nervous that I didn’t wait long enough but I couldn’t really wait anymore.

I hope my peppercorn is okay!


11 thoughts on “Cramps and sharp pains

  1. aliased says:

    The doctor couldn’t find the site of the bleeding and said it could be from an irritation of the cervix from the crinone.

    But I was hospitalised for 3 days and kept under observation and on bed rest. The bleed subsided after a few hours though.

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  2. mmkrn says:

    My friend who went through IVF a few times said that she had bleeding with both of her (successful) pregnancies in the early weeks (like around 6-8 weeks). I also read an article that said IVFers are just more likely to bleed! So hopefully you are just adding to that theory 🙂 Will be thinking about you!

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